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Harry Potter Fan Code

Codes are a quick way to advertise your opinions on fandom.  Put them in your signature file, on a website, in your profile, wherever.

To put together your code, pick one answer to each category that most closely matches your opinion.  Then string all the abbreviations together in one arcane string of gibberish...

BPA18  MPA1*  GW+  RH-  B+++++#  M+++  C++  FF+|  GW/NL+!  RL/SB-

Favorite Books  
BPS or BSS Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.
BCS Chamber of Secrets.
BPA Prisoner of Azkaban.
BGF Goblet of Fire.
BOP Order of the Phoenix
BHB Half-Blood Prince.
  Extra - Favorite Chapter  
  BPA18 Favorite Book plus chapter number. Example is Prisoner of
Azkaban, chapter 18.

Favorite Movies  
MPS or MSS Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.
MCS Chamber of Secrets.
MPA Prisoner of Azkaban.
MGF Goblet of Fire.
  1 I saw it the first day.
  * I dressed up.

Favorite Character  
HG+ Hermione Granger
HP+ Harry Potter
RW+ Ron Weasley
  [Just use the first and last initials and + if you have a different
favorite character.]

Least Favorite Character  
RH- Rubeus Hagrid
LM- Lucius Malfoy
LV- Lord Voldemort
  [Just use the first and last initials and - if you have a different
least favorite character.]

Collections - Books  
B+++++ All the books.
B++++ Four books.
B+++ Three books.
B++ Two books.
B+ One book.
B- No books.
  QB You own QTtA and FB&WtFT. Example: B+++++QB.
  # You have a Half-Blood Prince pre-order. Example: B+++++#.
  $ If the books were free, you'd own them all. Example: B-$.

Collections - Movies  
M+++ All the movies.
M++ Two movies.
M+ One movie.
M- No movies.
  $ If the movies were free, you'd own them all. Example: M-$.

C++ I try to convert everyone I meet. Even strangers.
C+ I've only converted family or friends.
C I've tried to convert people, but it hasn't worked.
C- I haven't tried.

FF++ If it weren't for fanfiction, you wouldn't read.
FF+ You read it often.
FF You read it occasionally.
FF- You never read it.
  / You prefer slash fanfiction. Example: FF+/.
  | You prefer het or gen fanfiction. Example: FF++|.
  \ You prefer femmeslash fanfiction. Example: FF\.

Favorite Pairings  
RW|HG Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger. [Het pairings.]
DM/HP Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter. [Slash pairings.]
GW\HG Ginny Weasley & Hermione Granger. [Femmeslash pairings.]
  [Just use the first and last initials if you have a different
favorite pairing.]
  + You're positive this pairing will come true
in the books. Example: RW|HG+.
  - It probably won't be canon, but you still love
it. Example: DM/HP-.
  ! If this is your OTP. Example: HG\GW-.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Additions?
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